Prepare Together.

On the Way: A Family Advent Study

How is your family preparing for Christmas?

I have wonderful intentions of making Advent meaningful each year. I want my three children to know and understand why we celebrate Christmas. Our church offers an annual Advent Workshop where we prepare ornaments and create Advent Wreaths for home use. I have loved the Advent Wreath tradition since my parents shared it with my sister and I during our family suppers growing up. However, in my experience the Advent devotions never quite hit the mark for my children or I found myself overwhelmed with juggling multiple calendars and activities.

This year I wrote the Advent Devotion I have always wanted.

On the Way equips families to spend intentional daily time preparing hearts for Christmas. Beginning on November 29, 2020 you will find a daily study for your family to incorporate into mealtime. Each day provides scriptures to read, what to say and ask, simple prayers to pray together, and the first verse of familiar Christmas hymns to sing together. At the beginning of each week is a page explaining the meaning behind each of the four weeks of Advent: hope, love, joy and peace.

Join us On the Way to Bethlehem. You can get started here.

Each day provides:

  • What to say and ask
  • Scriptures to read
  • Simple prayers
  • Familiar hymns